September 16, 2013 would be a day that would change our lives forever and one I'll remember very vividly!

Leading up to this day, my wife, Tania, appeared to be healthy as her activity level didn't change.  With a full time job, three very active kids who are involved in sports and a husband, she managed things very well.

Our FAITH has carried us through many tough times so we knew we were in GREAT HANDS!

In the latter part of the summer, 2013, Tania noticed an occasional trace of blood in one of her bowel movements but dismissed it for something not to be concerned about. Finally, after some convincing, I was able to get her to schedule a colonoscopy for September 16.

I took her in at 5:30am for the procedure and was told to come back at about 8am to get her.  Well, after taking my two younger kids to school, I took my oldest with me to pick Tania up.  When we walked in to where the patients were, they directed us to where she was waiting.  The nurse, there waiting with Tania, excused herself to get the doctor.  The doctor came in to our area and she had somewhat of a surprised look on her face when she saw my 13 year old daughter there with us.

The doctor, Dr. Hahn, asked me if I could step away to speak with her, which I did.  She proceeded to tell me that first, she wasn't expecting our daughter being there because she wanted to talk to my wife and I together.  Sensing that there was some unfavorable news coming, I didn't want my daughter to hear so I asked to hear it straight from the doctor at the time.  She proceeded to let me that there was a high probability that Tania had colon cancer.

After many doctor's visits, uncomfortable tests and the future unknown, it was confirmed that she did in fact have colon cancer.  WHAT?  I never thought that the 'C' would hit so close to home! 

FAITH being tested again!

When we met with her main doctor, Dr. Seay, a few things he told us that really got the Beat the 'C' rolling were to not change our daily routine, don't get stressed and have a positive outlook.  Don't get stressed, are you freaking kidding me; we just found out my wife and mother of three has cancer!  BUT, for our kids sake and our sanity, we had to stay stress free. 

Our first visit to Tania's chemo treatment was another of many days I won't forget.  After she had her blood work done, we we're waiting in the treatment area for her consultation and connect.  A nurse came out and said that the business manager wanted to meet with us prior to her treatment. 

The Business Manager proceeded to explain what was about to happen and the COSTS involved.  WOW!!!  We had NO IDEA how much it cost to treat those with the 'C'.  Thankful for our family, friends and insurance, the effects of this were not as bad as they could have been otherwise.

On December 19, 2013, my wife had surgery to remove the area of concern but had to get an ileostomy bag attached, which she will have, at first thought, until March 2014.

As the treatments continued, she kept counting down the days to get her reversal until...the results of a scan in late February came back.  The 'C' had now spread to her liver.  Upon this latest news, her ileostomy reversal was now delayed until late summer due to the new chemo she was starting and the risks involved.  We just keep saying, no stress, no stress! 

Once again, our strength of FAITH is tested!

As of today, July 1, 2014, there are no traces of the 'C' but there are spots of concern which they keep monitoring.

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