Our MISSION is simple:
  1. Help R&D find less destructive chemo treatments.
  2. Assist those patients with their medical or personal bills.
  3. Offer them an opportunity to escape 'reality' and get away for a few days with their family to relax.
How will we accomplish this?
  1. Acquire Partners
    • Scientists/Chemists - R&D
      • We need to help fund R&D to find chemo treatments which are less destructive on the patients so they may continue to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle.
      • I truly believe that it's not the 'C' that harms its patients, it's the treatment the patients endure that destroys them mentally and physically. 
    • Medical Professionals
      • We're looking to partner with those in the medical profession such as clinics, hospitals and physicians to provide information in regards to which of their patients need financial help or who they feel needs more stress relief.
      • We're also looking for these professionals to help support us with any available resources such as monetary gifts.
    • Vacation Resorts, Time Shares, Cruise Lines, Theme Parks
      • We're looking to partner with various companies within these channels to provide any available room nights, tickets, etc. 
  2. Solicit Donations
    • We're looking to partner with company's to be added as an option for their employees to contribute to us on a weekly/bi-weekly schedule.
    • We accept private donations which may be earmarked as requested.
  3. Pay Bills
    • We'll help pay bills such as medical, mortgage, auto, etc.
  4. Provide Vacations
    • For those who aren't handling the stress very well due to the impact cancer has on them and their family, we will provide short term getaways for them to escape reality and relax.

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